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Broward Resident Guide

Bringing direct access to all of the things that you need.

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Resources for Residents

The Broward Locator Residents Guide was created to be a tool for individuals and families that need to access available resources to improve their quality of life. The Internet provides a lot of links to companies, organizations and local government agencies dedicated helping you improve your life in South Florida however these links and resources are scattered throughout the web making it difficult to find valuable local information. In an effort to consolidate all of the on and offline resources for residents to be able to access in one mobile website in order to save time, money and provide convenience to the residents of Broward County.

Our Mission

Our mission is to research, collect, verify and organize information that will make life easier for the men women and children that call our little piece of paradise home. We scan the web 24/7 for links, articles and offline resources in order for you to have easy access to these wonderful businesses and organizations.

Overcoming Challenges

Life in Broward County can be very challenging and there are many things that hinder us from having the quality of life that we deserve. Fortunately many of these challenges are preventable and avoidable with the right knowledge. This online guide will provide you and your family with practical advice and solutions to the most pressing issues that we all face every day.


We are building this website to be a source of empowerment for our neighbors.

Quick Links

We provide the online resources that will help to save time and money and money.

Online Safety
Protect Your Identity
Secure Your Information
Back Up Your Files
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Crime Prevention
Protect Yourself From Scams
Safety from Domestic Violence
Protecting Your Home from Thieves
Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Weather Protection
Protection from the heat
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Safety First

Broward county is a beautiful place to live and play but can be a very dangerous place as well. Many of the things that endanger our lives are preventable or avoidable but people either don’t know or refuse to listen to the knowledge that will keep them safe.

This safety guide is here to help you to gain the knowledge needed to have a safe and happy life.


Our safety first section starts with bringing attention to the problems that plague our families and our communities. Afterwards we start researching solutions and providing alternative methods of accomplishing goals to improve ourselves, our families and our communities.

What you don’t know can kill you so we decided to bring together all of the information that you need to be safe. Many things that harm us are avoidable and preventable but it seems like people fall into the same trap because they forget, forget or don’t know how to stay safe in certain situations. Now you can read information and view videos from safety professionals all in one place.



As we find solutions we hope that they will help someone make better decisions for their life.

The Red Cross and the United way have produced videos that give  step by step instructions on first aid including CPR. Ino order to view more videos please click here.
Quick Links

We provide the online resources that will help to save time and money and money.

Getting Help
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Help with housing
  • Financial Help
  • Hurricane Relief
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Learn CPR Online
  • Learn CPR
  • CPR Training Online
  • First Aid Course
  • Basic Life Saving Skills
  • Video Instruction
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Online Crime Fighters
  • Report a Crime
  • View Crime Stats
  • Interactive Crime Map
  • Missing Persons
  • Unsolved Cases
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