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  • Improve their quality of life


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Welcome to Broward Locator

The Internet provides a lot of links to companies, organizations and local government agencies dedicated helping you improve your life in South Florida. The Broward Locator website was created to be a tool for individuals and families that need  to access available resources to improve their quality of life.

Our mission is to collect, research, verify and organize information that will make life easier for the men, women and children that call our little piece of paradise home. We scan the web 24/7 for links, articles and offline resources in order for you to have easy access to these wonderful organizations.  There are many things that hinder us from having a quality of life that we deserve. Fortunately many of these challenges are preventable with the right knowledge. This guide will provide you and your family with practical advice and solutions to the most pressing issues that we all face every day.  

Broward Locator is a resource that is devoted to improving the lives or the residents and businesses of our community.

Broward Residents Guide

Broward county is a beautiful place to live and play but also be very dangerous as well. Many of the things that endanger our lives are preventable or avoidable but people either don’t know or refuse to listen to knowledge that will keep them safe. This safety guide is here to help you to gain the knowledge needed to have a safe and happy life.

Our safety first section starts with bringing attention to the problems that plague our families and our communities.  Afterwards we start researching solutions and providing alternative methods of accomplishing goals to improve our ourselves, our familes and our communities.

 We are continually bringing together vital information that will help you to be safe in various circumstances. 

 What you don’t know can kill you, so we decided to bring together all of the information that you need to be safe. Many things that harm us are avoidable and preventable but it seems like people fall into the same trap because they don’t know about them. So we took our time to catalog the information that anyone can use to stay safe and share their knowledge with their family and friends.

Quick Links

We provide the online resources that will help to stay safe, save time and money.

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Community Action
Click below to read more about our plans to strengthen our community with the collaboration of public, private, individuals and businesses that share our vision for a strong and vibrant Broward County.
Our mission is to provide important information to the residents of our community.

Broward Visitors Guide

The Broward Locator Visitors Guide was created to help people visiting our South Florida community by providing them with a easy way to navigate our city with their computer or mobile device. We have collaborated with several travel affiliates in order to give you the ability to purchase inexpensive tickets for major airlines, cruises, tour boats and trains to and from anywhere in the world.   Our travel search engine scans the Internet for 1000’s of flights and hotels in real time. We also send you email alerts on discounts to your favorite destinations.

Our mission is to collect, research, verify and organize information that will make your visit to Broward County a wonderful experience. By giving you the ability to have quick access to these resources you will avoid many things that can make your vacation uncomfortable.  We scan the web 24/7 for links, articles and offline resources that you may need to help you during your visit.

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Everything that your business needs to be successful in one place.

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There is a lot to see and do here in South Florida. Broward Locator can help make your vacation easier.

Broward Business Guide

Sometimes it seems like technology has been around forever however  the Internet and mobile communication is still in its infancy. We all know that the web has brought many wonderful things to our society making it easier and more convenient to meet people, purchase items and learn new things. The web gives us freedom to explore the world without leaving our home and now with mobile technology we have the world at our fingertips. Online and mobile communication has created a phenomenal quality of life for many people because it is now so engrained in our society and I am not sure I could even visualize a world without it. Along with the remarkable resources that the Internet provides there is also a darkside. We don’t talk about nor hear about the dark side of the web until something makes national news and sometimes by then it’s too late. We are all vunerable but there are ways that you can reduce or even eliminate your vunerablety with these simple steps. Click here to read more

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Everything that your business needs to be successful in one place.

Broward Business
Broward County Business Resources

  • Important Information
  • Business Links
Starting a Business

Starting a Business

  • Business Start Up Info
  • Software and Resources
Operating a Business
Operating a Business

  • Building a Sales and Marketing Team
  • Using technology to grow your business
Business Resources
Operating a Business

  • Building a Sales and Marketing Team
  • Using technology to grow your business

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