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Going to the beachis fun, but it can be very dangerous as well. This beach guide is going to provide you with the information that you need to be sure that you can your family have a safe and happy day at the beach.  Many times we become so excited about going to the beach that we may forget the essentials. Different people visit the beach with different plans on what they want to do but no matter what yourbeach plans are there are must haves for everyone.


  1. Sunglasses – You have to have some cool shades to look dashing as you are out there hanging out on the sand.
  2. Beach Blanket – After taking a dip or playing volleyball you will want to layout and chill so bring a beach blanket.
  3. Beach Unbrella – The rays of the sun can be brutal especially during the summer months but the unbrella will help.
  4. Sunscreen – It only takes 20 minutes for your skin start to react to the sun so a good sunscreen is a must have.
  5. Mosquito Spray – If you plan on being on the beach during dusk or dawn make sure you have the spray just in case.
  6. Sandals – Flip flips are great for short walks but if you plan a long walk sandals are your best bet for your feet.
  7. Hat or visor – Usually you see ladies with something covering their head but it’s a great idea for men as well.
  8. Water – Most of the beaches have places where you can get water but it’s always best to bring your opwn cooler.
  9. Floatation Device – Children should always have floaties and adults can use life jackets if you plan to go into the ocean.
  10. Snacks – It is always good to bring your own protien because a day at the brach can suck the energy out of you.


The American Red Cross provides some excellent videos about beach safety for you and your family. You can view more beach safety videos buy clicking on this link >

Staying Safe in the Water

Water safety is the number one priority for our beach goers and life rescue teams in Broward County. If you know what to look for and how to stay diligent you will have a great time atr the beach each and every time.



Quick Facts
Some of the most powerful videos about beach safety from the experts. All of the videos and the information provided is given by professional that help people with ocean rescue everyday.
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