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Sometimes it seems like technology has been around forever however  the Internet and mobile communication is still in its infancy.

We all know that the web has brought many wonderful things to our society making it easier and more convenient to meet people, purchase items and learn new things. The web gives us freedom to explore the world without leaving our home and now with mobile technology we have the world at our fingertips.

Online and mobile communication has created a phenomenal quality of life for many people because it is now so engrained in our society and I am not sure I could even visualize a world without it.

The Internet has been around for about 30 years however in the last 20 years there has been a increase in people using the Internet to make secure purchases and transactions. Within the last 10 years the rapid rise in mobile technology has given customers the ability to complete secure transaction over their mobile phone.

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Starting a Business
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Broward Business Guide

All of these technological advances have been a blessing and a curse for local small business owners. One on hand mobile technology give local small business the ability to market to their customers online and on their mobile device. On the other hand the technology is so new and changes so rapidly it is difficult to say what mobile tools are beneficial for which type of business.

This guide was created for small business owners that need help in navigating the Internet and mobile marketing strategies to help grow their business.

Contrary to popular belief every business does not need to have a website. However, every business does need to have a online presence other than their social media page.


This guide is geared toward organizations and small businesses in Broward County in order to help them to gain online momentum for their business. There are many new and existing businesses that will be able to find useful information about trending events in the Broward County business community.



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We provide the online resources that will help to save time and money and money.

Online Marketing
Planning Your Online Strategy
Creating an SEO Plan
Gathering Your Online Tools
Building Your Website
Social Media Marketing
Getting Started w Social Media
How to Build Your Audience
Crafting Your Message
Managing and Updating
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