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Empowering Information for Residents

Thank you for visiting Broward Residents Guide. Whether you are a long time resident or new to the city you will find something that you can to empower you in your everyday life. We collected online and offline information that anyone can use to save money, stay safe and to get the most benefit from being a resident of Broward County.

In many cases people find themselves in situations that could have been avoided but because they did not have the right knowledge they didn’t have the opportunity to make a decision that would save them from harmful situations. Many times when people think of staying safe they think of being safe from crime. Yes staying safe from crime is a huge concern for everyone but there are many things that are just as dangerous that we must consider as well. Hundreds of people die every single day from things that can be avoidable such as accidents, drownings, drugs, diseases and weather. With access to the righrt information it is our hope that some of these incidences can be prevented. 

There are many things that we cannot stop from happening to us that’s the unfortunate reality about life. Although there are things that we cannot control it does not mean that we ignore the things that we can control. Broward locator provides information about the dangers that we face everyday that we can control. We continuously research, review and update current issues that impact us and our families. As our website grows we will continue to provide you with the latest information on consumer safety, personal safety and money saving ideas.

Broward Government

Vital information about Broward County Government online resources for residents and communities.

Florida Light & Power

FPL is the main source of energy for Broward County. Click here to find out more about Florida Light and Power.

Hurricane Prep

You don’t have to wait til the last mionuite to start preparing for the hurricane season. Get started today!

Anti-Virus software

Keep your devices safe by learning more about the anti-virus software and how it can protect you online.

Heat Stroke

You will find important information about the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and how to stay safe while in the heat.

Protect Your Eyes

The sun can be very harmful to your eyes. Protect them from damaging UV rays by learning how to select the right sunglasses.

Protect Your Skin

Choosing the best sunscreens for you and your family is one of the most important decisions that you will make.

Broward Health

As Broward County grows so does the traffic these important tips that will keep you safe while on the road.

Saving & Convenient

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