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Starting Your Own Business in Broward


There is a lot of people that want to open their own business but are confused by the politics involved in getting started. The good news is that there is a simpler way to get your business started without having to feel overwhelmed in the process. Many of the Websites that assist people with businesses do not cover everything especially when it comes to opening a business in Broward County. A lot of these sites are written by people that are experienced business owners but they do not have the ability to break down the information needed by the average person seeking to be an entreprenuer.


Broward Business Guide will give you the ability to take advantage of the opportunities and online resources that will help you become successful. With that being said this guide is written with the assumption that you already know the type of business that you would like to operate and have done the research needed to be confident in the type of product and/or services that you would like to offer your customers. Knowing what you want to provide is the most critical part of business planning because it is essential to know that your business has a potential to be benefitial and profitable to everyone involved. Once you have determined the path that you would like to take with your business venture then this guide will be a inexhaustable resource for you to get started and operate your business successfully.

Quick Links

Getting started with your business is pretty easy and straight forward if you follow the steps provided by the state, county and city that you reside in. 

Broward County Small Business Assistance

There are many businesses that require a license or a permit by Broward County. You can do a search to find out if your business needs a License, Permit or License in order to operate in the county by clicking on the link (Broward County ePermit) Once you find out if you need a license for your business, the Broward County Website will provide you with all of the information that you will need to know to aquire a license 

Registering Your Fictitious Name
Business Resources
Quick Links

IRS links to their resources for Small Business Owners will give you a better explaination of the EIN number and why you need one in order to operate your business. The links below will give you the ability to find all of the information that you need directly from the IRS in order to make your business run smoothly.

IRS Links

Links to the IRS will help you to prepare for your journey into Self Employment

Business Tax Workshops

Fort Lauderdale
Location: Keiser University, 1500 NW 49th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
Registration: Visit the Broward SCORE website or call 954-356-7263
Sponsored By: Broward SCORE

Location: Various times at various sites around Boca Raton and West Palm Beach
Registration: Visit the Small Business Development Center in Broward website, call Gary Cole at 954-762-5235 or email
Sponsored By: Florida Small Business Development Center

IRS Virtual Workshop

Step 1. Getting an EIN number

An EIN number (Employers Identification Number) is kind of like a social security number for your business. The EIN number is a 9 digit number provided to you by the IRS that will be your ID for your business. You can get a EIN number online by clicking the following link.

Employer Identification Number – IRS

The link will bring you to the IRS Website and will provide you with all of the information that you need to get your EIN number right online or by phone. (Please note: If you are going to operate a sole proprietorship then you do not need a EIN number becuase you can use your social security number as your Tax ID for your business. However if you plan to open your business as any other entity (LLC, Corp, Non-profit) than you must have a EIN number.)

The IRS also has a Social media Center where you can get more information about the IRS and how they can assist you with your Small Business. (IRS Social Media Center)


Quick Links

Getting started with your business is pretty easy and straight forward if you follow the steps provided by the state, county and city that you reside in.

Regristration fees for the State of Florida Fictitious Name Regristration is $50.00 and $30.00 for a Certified Copy and $10.00 for a Certification of Status.

Florida LLC Name Search
Florida DBA Video

Step 2: Getting Your Fictitious Name Registered

It is possible to run your business with your own name but if you would like to have a fictitious name to represent your business you must register your business name with the State of Florida Website by clicking this link. As of the time of this Website the fictitious name registration is $50.00.

Your fictitious name is usually called DBA or doing business as and is critical to have your business name registered in order for you to open a business account, purchase business assets and conduct business using the business name that you have selected. (Please Note: It is illegal to operate a business under a fictitious name without it being registered with the State of Florida.) There are links to the Florida Sunbiz Website on the dropdown box to the right that will give you the ability to search to make sure that the business name that you came up with is not already taken. (Please note you are not able to open or operate a business with a similar business name as an existing business.


When is DBA used?

DBA (Doing Business As) is used in cases where someone openes a business that may have to be distinguished  from other businesses that may be similar in nature as in a franshise. (Example: A person may open a McDonalds franchise and have the ability to use the McDonald name on the store front but the actual paperwork for the business would be noted as a DBA. John Davis DBA McDonalds) This would mean that John does not own McDonalds so all of the internal correspondance especially with the financial institutions would be listed as John Davis DBA.) John Davis can be replaced by the name of another company registered by John Davis and in that case the documents for the business would read Davis Corporation DBA McDonalds.) I am not sure how McDonalds has their franchisers use their DBA however this is just one of the uses for the DBA in business.

You can find more infromation about using a DBA for your business by clicking (More)

I also recommend that if you plan to use a DBA that you seek legal counsel to assist you with having the DBA. In my experiences most people starting out can open their business with the fictitious name regristration. If in doubt you can get more information on one of the links below.